Pixels, Paint and Brush

Illustrations done on computer and by hand. That's right, by hand. Techno-fantasy and just plain techno.


truck, weave

Cool truck view and network system diagrams. Personal, NPI.

Car sketches

Couple of car sketches in pastels. Personal.


Wired basement

Too many wires in the basement. McDowell Romero.

DataCom Agenda

DataCom Agenda, Volume 1. McDowell Romero.



Manufacturing Services. Comtek.

car weave fish

Jet car, circuit weave, hybrid mermaid and car sketch. NPI, FBII


Wired basement

Visio product illustrations. Blue Coat.

Omegavisiton Optiplex

Omegavision Optiplex. Radionics.


Nortel City

Security exhibit banner. IST.

IST banner

Networked city. Nortel.


Icons and tech illustration

Upward graph, tech illustration, Visio icons. NPI, Sierra Instruments, Content Rules.


Cityscape study with Security industry in mind. Radionics.


Evil Twins

Evil Twin hot rod intake. Doglips Speed Shop.

Web screens

Monitoring screens. Dispatch Center.